Protein Cheesecake with Passion Fruit Topping

There are lots of cheesecake recipes, but the recipe I'm posting today is exceptional. This delicious dessert is not only extremely healthy, it's also rich in protein and fiber, and low in fat. To sweeten this dessert i use honey and splenda, but you can use any other sweetener of your choice. With this recipe you will get 10 servings. "Protein Cheesecake with Passion Fruit Topping" is listed in the following categories: Desserts

Recipe for 10 people - Change Amount
Fitness Level: Healthy
Time: 30 minutes
kCal: 1457 total, 146 per person
31 %
110.8 grams
32 %
113.2 grams
37 %
59.5 grams
Quite Fat!

11 Ingredients

16 Tablespoons = 100g
7 Tablespoons = 50g
1 Tablespoons = 15g
11 Tablespoons = 150g
6 Tablespoons = 30g
12 Tablespoons = 200g
10 Packs = 10g
2 Eggs = 68g
1/2 Cup = 100g
1 Pack = 7g

Step 1

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees and prepare a non-stick springform pan or any other round cake pan. I recommend you line your pan with parchment paper to allow the finished cheesecake to come out easier.

Step 2

For the base: Into a food processor, mix the oat, almonds and honey (or any other sweetener of your choice) and blitz all together until well combined into a sticky crumbly mix. then lightly press the mix into the bottom and sides of the springform pan.

Step 3

For the filling: In a mixing bowl, beat the quark, protein powder, egg whites, 10 grams of sweetener and yogurt on medium speed, until you get a smooth creamy consistency. Don't forget to try the cream. I added 10 packs of splenda, but maybe for you is not sweet enough. Then pour the cheesecake filling over your base and bake in the preheated oven for 35 to 45 minutes or until your cheesecake is just set in the center. Let it cool for at least 2 hours before you get to step #4.

Step 4

To make the jelly passion fruit topping: Dissolve the gelatin, sweetener and the passion fruit in a small bowl. Then in a saucepan over medium heat, cook the jelly mixture with water for 2-3 minutes or until the mixture boils and thickens. Remove and allow to cool slightly. Finally, pour the jelly mixture over the cheesecake and refrigerate until the jelly is set or for at least 6 hours. I recommend you simply leave your cheesecake in the fridge over-night.