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Tachi Waza - Judo Standing Position
Tachi Waza - Judo Standing Position

Tachi Waza - Judo Standing Position

The Tachi Waza is the standing phase in every judo fight. That's the beginning of each battle, when you are on your feet and you prepare to throw your opponent to the ground. Judo throwing techniques are called "Nage Waza" Punches and kicks are not allowed in judo competitions, but some traditional schools practice them. Grappling is done in the Tachi Waza. At the judo main page you can find detailed judo instructions.

Description: Tachi Waza - Judo

  • Bend your knees a bit and don't have your center of gravity too high.
  • Keep your hands and arms relaxed, so that you are able to react fast. Grappling !!!
  • Walk on your toes, but don't hop around like a kangaroo.
  • Don't let your opponent grab your gi in the chest area.
  • Tachi Waza, grappling, throw (Nage Waza) Lock - Win. You see, everything starts in the Tachi Waza phase and a mistake in this phase can cost you a victory.
  • Learn basic gymnastics, judo rolls etc, to improve your falling technique.
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