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Seiza No Kamae - Ninjutsu
Seiza No Kamae - Ninjutsu

Seiza No Kamae - Ninjutsu

Seiza (lit: straight / or / correct sitting) is a traditional formal way of sitting seen in many different japanese martial arts styles such as judo, jujitsu, karate, nunjutsu, etc. This is a meditative (zazen) position where you should focus and concentrate on your breathing only. Seizas are often done at the beginning of traditional workouts to leave everything behind and focus on the training. Find more ninjustsu tutorials at ninjutsu main.

Description: Seiza No Kamae - Ninjutsu

  • Extend your ankles and sit with your buttucks on your heels. If your instructor allows it, you can cross your feet to sit a bit more comfortable. Your shins should be 1 to 2 fists apart.
  • Keep your upper body and your spine totally upright / vertical.
  • Also keep your head straight and look straight forward. View: horizontal
    Don't move your head or your eyes.
  • Put your hands on your upper thighs and relax your arms. The fingers should be closed, but the hands have to stay relaxed.
  • Breath slowly and concentrated... Focus !

Trainer advice: Seiza No Kamae - Ninjutsu

  • If you are in a Seiza and have to move away a few inches, it's not polite to stand up. But you can move by walking on your knees and your shins. Body and legs move as one unit.
  • Crossing the feet is considered unpolite, but if your instructor allows you to sit more comfortable it's ok.
  • In Chinese SEIZA is ZHENGZUO. However, in Chinese arts this sitting position is seldom seen. (only in calligraphy and a handful other exceptions)

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Videos: Seiza No Kamae - Ninjutsu

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