Capoeira - Ponteira - Front Kick

This video shows how to do a capoeira front kick (Ponteira). There are two front kicks in capoeira, the ponteira, and the bencao. The difference between the two kicks is that when you do a ponteira, you kick with the ball of your foot, and when you do a bencao, you kick with the sole of your foot of the heel. Find more capoeira videos here, and for more detailed instructions, check out capoeira main.


  • Start from the ginga and lift one knee. Make sure your knee is bent and the ankle of your kicking leg relaxed.
  • When your foot is pretty close to your hip, push your foot straight forward. Also push your hips forward at the end of the movement, but don't elevate the heel of your standing leg too much. Hit your opponent with the ball of your foot (not with the tip of the toes or the heel). Also, don't forget to keep at least one hand up.
  • Then pull your leg straight back and go back to the ginga.


  • Practice both sides of the ponteira.
  • Practice the capoeira front kick with a training partner. Take turns kicking and escaping.
  • You can also practice the front kick on a heavy bag. When you practice this kick on a heavy bag, make sure you get used to hitting the bag with the ball of your foot.