Judo - Uki Otoshi

Learn how to do an Uki Otoshi = 浮落 = Floating Drop. The Uki Otoshi is one of the original judo hand-techniques = Te Waza, developed by Jigoro Kano. You basically move with your opponent and use his momentum when he steps forward and puts his weight onto his front leg. This technique is all about timing. Find more judo video instructions on the video main page. For animated judo techniques, go back to the judo main page.


  • Grab your opponent's gi with both hands. Grab his right sleeve with your left hand and his left chest with your right hand. When you first practice the Uki Otoshi, walk a few steps in one direction with your opponent. You do this in order to get used to the timing (see video).
  • When you opponent has all his weight on his front leg, pull him down with your left hand and push with your right hand. Twist him out of balance and don't release his uniform before he lies on the floor.


  • Warm up and stretch before every judo training.
  • Practice on mats.
  • Practice with a local judo instructor if possible. Only use our instructions as a reference.