5 Stances Form - Wu Bu Quan Video - Wushu

This video shows how to do the 5 stances form. In Chinese (Mandarin) this wushu mini-form is called "Wu Bu Quan". The 5 stances form is the very first wushu form you should learn. Most students actually learn it in their first wushu lesson. As you can guess from its name, its purpose is improving the 5 basic wushu stances. Also check out the animated wushu section or go back to wushu videos main.


  • There isn't really much to say about this mini-form. Just watch the video and give it a try. All you have to know before the 5 stances form is the 5 basic stances: Horse Stance (Ma Bu), Bow Stance (Gong Bu), Flat Stance (Pu Bu), Rest Stance (Xie Bu), Empty Stance (Xu Bu)


  • Wushu beginners should practice the 5 stances form every day.
  • Sometimes you should try to hold each stance for 30 seconds (for strength and form).