Wushu Broadsword - 5 Flower Movement

This video shows how to do the 5 flower wushu broadsword technique. In Chinese (Mandarin) this is called "Wu Hua Dao". The 5 flower broadsword is one of the most important techniques for this wushu weapon and you can see it in pretty much every modern sword form. To learn more about the wushu broadsword, check out the animated broadsword section. Also check out my basic wushu videos or go back to broadsword videos main.


  • Start with the wushu sword on the left side of your trunk.
  • Always relax your wrist.
  • The hand always goes first and the broadsword follows.
  • When the sword is on the left side of your trunk, extend your left hand over head. When the sword is on the right side of your trunk, the left palm is next to the right shoulder.
  • Stand low (actually lower than shown in the video) and move your hips as you swing your broadsword.


  • There is only one side of this technique.
  • The speed comes from the hips and the relaxed wrist.
  • You should work on your "Wu Hua Dao" in every single broadsword workout.
  • When you practice the 5 flower broadsword, do at least 20 repetitions and then rest a few minutes.