Learn the Gainer

Learn the Gainer

A gainer is when you run forward, jump from one leg and flip backwards while moving forward. Gainers can be landed on one or both legs. In capoeira the gainer is called "Folha Seca" which is usually landend on one leg. In this lesson you will learn how to land a gainer with both legs. Look for the one-legged gainer "Folha Seca" in the capoeira section. It's recommended to learn the back flip tuck before you try the gainer. After learning the gainer you can try the cork twist.

Description: Learn the Gainer

  • Run forward and strike out with your arms from behind the back.
  • Swing up one leg and your arms, lean slightly back and jump from the other leg.
  • To create momentum and flip over faster, tuck in the air. Whip down your arms and bring your knees close to the chest just like if you were doing a backflip tuck. You can either grab your shins or whip your arms beyond hip level.
  • Land as soft as possible on both feet together and try to lift your arms. Gainers can be landed on one or both legs. The safer variation is to land on both legs together. If your gainers are very high and smooth, you can try to switch legs in the air and land on the leg you jumped off from.

Trainer advice: Learn the Gainer

  • Learn the back flip before you try the gainer.
  • Exercise: Learn to do back flips from one leg and the ball of the foot of the other leg. Later try to flip backwards from only one leg. (harder than a gainer) Next step is to jump from one leg and use the other leg to strike out. (create momentum) Once you can do that you can run forward slowly (or walk) and do a back - handspring - flip or gainer. Keep in mind that if you run forward too fast, you will not be able to do a back handspring. (you would hurt your fingers and your wrists)
  • To practice the rotation in the air, you can learn the "Auersbach Flip" into water: Run forward on a 1m springboard and do a back flip while moving forward. Make sure you jump forward and not not backwards - away from the springboard.
  • Find spotters.

Videos: Learn the Gainer

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