How to learn the Doubleleg - Armada Dupla

Bandeira - Capoeira

The bandeira is a popular capoeira trick where you jump off from both legs, swing them straight up into the air, form a "V" and then land on both legs at the same time. Watch the animation above and check the video section for this capoeira jump. If you want to learn other capoeira techniques, go back to capoeira main.

Description: Bandeira - Capoeira

  • Hop from your left leg and swing your arms sideways up and then down towards your hips.
  • Twist 90 degrees to your running direction and land on both foot soles together (or slightly on the balls of your feet) Bend your knees, so that you can use your thigh muscles and your calf muscles to create a vertical leap.
  • Jump off from both legs and swing your arms back up sideways the other way. (swing arms straight up)
  • Keep your torso almost vertical and let both legs (together) pass in front of your arms. (That's why this capoeira jump is called "Doubleleg") When viewed from the side, you form a "V" in the air.
  • Then bend your arms and bring your elbows a bit closer to your trunk, to continue the rotation and land on your feet.
  • Land the doubleleg as soft as possible (On the balls of your feet ... and use your knees) Read the trainer advice for the doubleleg.

Trainer advice: Bandeira - Capoeira

  • Because you will land the doubleleg pretty low at the beginning, this jump is kinda dangerous for your ankles at the beginning. Here are a few methods how you can learn the doubleleg without injuring your feet right away.
    1. Jump from a springboard into water. => easiest
    2. Jump from a minitramp into mats => a bit harder
    3. Reuther-Springboard to mats.
    4. Bouncing gymnastics floor to mats.
    5. hard floor to mats.
    6. Grass
    7. Hard floor
  • Stretch your legs and warm up sufficient before you try the doubleleg.
  • Also try the wushu whirlwind kick.