Learn the Swipe - Breakdance

Swipe - Breakdance

This is a FM tutorial on how to learn the swipe. The swipe is one of the first reall cool breakdancing techniques and requires medium experiance. When you learn the swipe, you only have to be careful with your wrists and your ankles. Being able to do a handstand and NOT being way overweight helps. Normally every following swipe starts a bit more clockwise. The swipes in the FM - animation are on the spot. (just makes it easier to illustrate important details "OK for one swipe") If you wanna do many swipes in a row, don't forget to watch the instructional videos.

Description: Swipe - Breakdance

  • This instruction is for a clockwise swipe. (when you turn to your right) Remember: When you do a swipe, you always turn your torso 180, then stop and turn your legs 180 degrees. If you wanna do many swipes in a row, you just have to start over and twist your torso again after you finish twisting your legs... and keep going...
  • Turn to your right to strike. (Only do this when you start with your first swipe)
  • Lean back and lift your right leg, while you put down your right hand.
  • Lift both legs and turn your legs 180° with your hip.
  • Put down your left leg and start twisting your torso
    Torso twist = 180°
  • Start over and do another swipe.
    (lift legs and twist again)

Trainer advice: Swipe - Breakdance

  • Warm up wrists, ankles and hips before you start training the swipe.
  • Being able to do the handstand helps, but is not necessary