Windmill - Breakdance Instruction

The Windmill - Breakdance

The Windmill is one of the most basic breakdance power moves. Before you learn the windmill, you should learn the 6-step, simple freezes and you should also stretch your side splits a little bit. (You don't have to be able to actually do a side split) If you can already do the windmill, this can be very helpful if you wanna learn the flair. There are different kinds of windmills: For example minimills or slow motion windmills.

Description: Windmill - Breakdance

  • Windmills (where your legs move to your left side)
  • Go to a freeze position and do a scissor movement with your legs, so that your right leg passes under your left leg.
  • The right side of your hips should touch the mats first, but make sure you don't crash into the mats with your butt.
  • Make more than half a rotation on your back, while you spread your legs as far as possible and keep your feet overhead, so that your windmills stay centric.
  • If you kept your feet high enough, you will be able to push yourself up to the initial freeze position again.
  • Do the scissor thing again and start another windmill.
  • Do thousands of windmills until your head keeps spinning all day long... Good Luck

Trainer advice: Windmill - Breakdance

  • Try the windmill on mats first.
  • Warm up and stretch before you do windmills.
  • Find somebody who can already do the windmill, so that he/she can assist you.
  • Watch the windmill videos listed on the bottom of this page.