Hi There!

My name is Martin Vidic and I was born in Austria. Ever since I was a kid I was obsessed with movies, visual effects, and martial arts. At school, I would paint flip book animations of little Bruce Lee's and Sub Zero's kicking each-other through walls, and at home I would animate the same thing on my dad's computer. At 15, I attended a school for mechanical engineering, which was interesting, but not the right career for me.

So I secretly learned Chinese, and dropped out in the last year to pursue my dream of being tortured in China. For 4 years I studied at Song Jiang Wushu Institute and I loved every minute of it. They emphasized on modern wushu, but they also taught movie stunts and somebody was always producing a movie or TV series on their little movie-set / kung fu village.

Back in Austria I served in the military for 1 year and then met Veronica. Together we created Flash Mavi, an animated character teaching wushu, gymnastics and fitness. For almost 10 years we traveled the world while working on this little project, filming other martial artists and freelancing in graphics design and animation.

In 2015, we decided to learn more about cinematography, writing and acting and purchased our first cinema cameras. In the following years we focused on our own projects and used them to learn as much as possible. Most of them were little stories combined into exercises, but we have also been writing bigger projects and plan to attend our first film festival in the near future. We are now located in beautiful Bolivia (Santa Cruz) and just opened a small production company.

Apart from film making, I love wushu, weights, snowboarding and my dog.