Hi There!

My name is Veronica Cruz and in was born in Bolivia. I always loved movies and was especially interested in the behind the scenes. But when I was younger, I didn't have access to film school or acting classes. So I studied education science for a while, but then decided to go on a little adventure.

I went to Europe to see other countries and work, and that's where I met Martin. Together we created Flash Mavi and traveled the world while filming martial arts clips and freelancing in graphics design and animation. Movies were an interest we had in common and when we talked about films, our discussions became more and more technical.

So in 2015 we decided to learn more about cinematography, writing and acting and soon purchased a cinema camera that was way too heavy for my knees. In the following years we focused on our own projects and used them to learn as much as possible. Most of them were little stories combined into exercises, but we have also been writing bigger projects and plan to attend our first film festival in the near future. We are now located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and just opened a small production company.

Apart from film making, I love cooking, fitness and going for a walk with my little 25kg puppy.