Joint and Cartilage Injuries

Joint and Cartilage Injuries cure very slow or never and treatment is very difficult. Joint injuries can be a result of year-long heavy exercising (wear out effect) or a sudden excentric movement.

Description: Joint and Cartilage Injuries

  • What are joints and what are cartilages:
    Joints are the movable points between our bones. Soft cartilages avoid that the bones touch each other and help our skeleton move around without much friction. Ligaments help to hold the joint - bone structure together and tendonds & muscles make the whole thing move. If i would only care about muscles and sports, I would say the skin is only our insulation... Just kidding... :)
  • After years of heavy exercising our joints and cartilages lose lissomeness. Then exercising can become painfull becasue cartilages become brittler and joints infect easier. The more sudden injuries you suffer during your active career, the earlier you will suffer irreversible joint wear out. So you should avoid joint infections when you are young, always warm up and stretch before you work out and eat healthy enough. (Ice calms down infections and releases pain after heavy workouts)
  • The other type of joint injury is a sudden joint or cartilage injury. For example when you dislocate your shoulder and a piece of cartilage gets torn out. Or when a peace of the bone plus cartilage breaks off. Another example is when wou squat too heav or land hard after a jump, so that the cartilage is damaged. Those injuries usually need medical care and complicated treatments.
  • The best medicine for jont injuries is to avoid them in the first place. Warm up enough. Stretch before you work out. Stop as soon as you feel pain, becasue pain means STOP And avoit excentric and heavy motions!