How to do a Kosote Gake - Judo

Kosote Gake - Judo

In this judo lesson you will learn how to perform a kosote gake (small outside hook), a fast throw where you let your opponent fall outside over your foot. The kosote gake is often used when both opponents grab eachothers uniform. This instruction is for a judo kosote gake over the left foot. To throw your opponent over the right foot, just do the whole thing the other way around. Find more judo lessons at judo main.

Description: Kosote Gake - Judo

  • Grab your opponents uniform with both hands and pull him closer to you.
  • Put your left foot behind his right foot (from the outside)
  • Then push your opponent away and to the left, so that he falls over your left leg before he can step back to maintain balance.

Trainer advice: Kosote Gake - Judo

  • The kosote gake can be performed very fast, but timing is very important. Push your opponent over your leg when he has to step back to maintain balance.
  • Practice both sides of the kosote gake. (most judokas only apply one side of this technique)

Videos: Kosote Gake - Judo

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