Morote Seoinage - Judo

Morote Seoinage - Judo

The morote seoinage, also "two arm shoulder throw", is a judo throw where you grab your opponent with both hands, turn your back to him and throw him over your hip. The morote seoinage is very similar to the Koshi Guruma. Find more judo instructions at judo main.

Description: Morote Seoinage - Judo

  • Jump in (Heels down, knees bent, left hand grabs sleeve.
  • Right hand grabs opponents uniform somewhere in the chest area .
  • To throw your opponent, following movements have to be done together: Pull forward down hands, straighten knees and lift your hip, to throw over your opponent.

Trainer advice: Morote Seoinage - Judo

  • Also use your calves to lift your hips even higher and faster.
  • Look to your own feet after throwing your opponent with a morote seoinage.

Videos: Morote Seoinage Morote Seoinage - Judo

  • Morote seoinage video coming soon