How to do a Judo Roll

How to do a Judo Roll

The judo roll is a very basic judo technique and is very imortant, to get a feeling of rolling, falling and landing. Practice the judo roll everytime you warm up. You can also jump forward and then roll, or jump over a training partner before you do the judo roll. Parkour runners also do de judo roll, as a protection after high jumps. However, the normal judo roll (without jumping) should be learned first. Start practicing on a soft ground (mats or grass). Find more judo instructions at judo main.

Description: Judo Roll

  • If you start with the left leg is in front of the right leg, you put down your left hand first.
  • Shortly after your left hand touches the ground, you can use your right hand to support the weight a little bit.
  • Do the judo roll, and roll over your left arm (hands to shoulder) to your right hip (see illustration)
  • Smack down the right hand and forearm before you stand up and push down hard.
  • Stand up or do another judo roll.
  • If you start your judo roll with the right leg in front, you have to do the whole thing the other way around.

Advice: How to do a Judo Roll

  • Learn the judo roll before you try any other judo techniques or throws.
  • Learn the judo roll on a soft ground. Judo mats, a matraze or something similar.

More info about this technique: Judo Roll

  • The judo roll is also called "Chuck Norris Roll" or "Action Roll". ;)