Judo Scoring

The goal in a judo fight is to score an Ippon (Ippon = 10 points) with a technique. If the opponent doesn't land on his back properly or the used technique was not powerful enough, a waza-ari or even less can be awarded by the judges. An Ippon is when a juduka throws his opponent onto his back. The judoka who scores more points in fife minutes wins. Two waza-aris equal with one Ippon, but a Koka can not be summed with a Yuko. However, if there is a draw at the end, the one who applied the higher rated techniques wins. (one waza-ari is better than 2 yukos) Throws can be combined with locks etc. At the judo main page you can find detailed judo instructions.

Judo scoring: Awards

  • Koka (3 points)
  • Yuko (5 points)
  • Waza-ari (7 points) Two Waza-ari = Ippon
  • Ippon (10 points)

Judo scoring: Penalties

  • Shido (3 points)
  • chui (5 points)
  • Keikoku (7 points)
  • Hansoku (10 points)