Uki Otoshi Throw - Judo

Uki Otoshi - Judo

In this lesson you will learn how to do an uki otoshi (floating drop). An uki otoshi is when you step back, pull your opponent with you and use the right timing to throw him, when he wants to finish a walking step. Uki Otishi - Literally: "Floating Drop . Find more judo instructions at judo main. Apply the judo uki otoshi as follows.

Description: Uki Otoshi - Judo

  • With your left hand grab the right sleeve of your opponent (elbow area) and with your right hand grab the chest area of your opponent. You should bring your opponent into a position where his right leg and your right leg are pretty close together. Practice pushing and pulling your opponent so that your stances stay parallel while you walk.
  • Step back with your front leg and pull your opponent with you, so that he has to step forward with his back leg.
  • Put your front leg down and initiate another step with the other leg, so that your opponent has to follow you.
  • Shortly before your opponent puts his right foot down, kneel down and pull his arm and his chest towards your hip. To do this your left foot still has to move backwards when your opponent wants to put his foot back down. Because your opponent will not be able to change his direction anymore, he will basically fall over his own leg. Learn how to control your opponent with your hands and your steps. A lot of timing is necessary for this throw.
  • Pull him with both hands towards your left hip and make sure his chest is very close to your chest when he falls. Keep looking pretty straight forward and try not to turn your upper body.

Trainer advice: Uki Otoshi - Judo

  • Learn how to control your opponent with your hands and your steps.
  • When you first learn this throw, push and pull your opponent so that he has follow you. Don't try your first uki otoshi before you think you got the right timing.

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