How to do a Tomoe Nage

How to do a Tomoe Nage

The tomoe nage, also "circle throw ", is a judo throwing technique where you grab your opponents chest, roll back down and kick him over you with one leg. The Tomoe Nage is used in Jujitsu and Judo. Find more jujitsu tutorials at jujitsu main. Apply the tomoe nage as follows.

Description: Tomoe Nage - Judo

  • Grab your opponents chest (not his sleeves)
  • Let yourself sink back down and pull your opponent after you.
  • At the same time, lift one leg and push it into his lower abdominals.
  • Roll back with your opponent over you and have both legs bent.
  • Then straighten your leg (which has contact with your opponent), to kick him over.
  • Don't release his uniform before your hands are over your head.

Trainer advice: Tomoe Nage - Judo

  • Learn the back and front rolls before you try the tomoe nage.

Videos: Tomoe Nage - Judo

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