Learn the Kimura Lock

Kimura Lock - Jujitsu

The Kimura lock is one of the most important submission holds in Jujitsu. In other grappling system the Jujitsu lock is called "Hammerlock", "Chickenwing" or also "Ude Garami". You will find the Kimura lock in almost every grappling fight, no matter which style.

Description: Kimura Lock - Jujitsu

  • This Kimura lock attack description is for the left hand of your opponent. If you wanna attack the right hand of your opponent, just do the whole thing the other way around.
  • Free your right hand, an make some space, so that you can grab the left wrist of your opponent.
  • Grab the left wrist of your opponent.
  • Left hand passes on the side of the head of your opponent, where you grab one of his arms already. In this case: Right side of his head. (from your point of view)
  • Let your right left hand go under your opponents arm from behind the back
    (over shoulder - under arm)
  • Grab your own wrist (in this case: right wrist) with your left hand, so that your opponent is locked.

  • Defence against a Kimura:
    It will not be very hard for your opponent to grab one of your wrists, but that doesn't mean much.
  • It is a warning signal, when the other hand passes on the same side of the head, where he graps one of your wrists already.
  • Don't let his hand go under your arm. If you can grab his wrist with his other hand, you are locked in a Kimura.

Trainer advice: Kimura Lock - Jujitsu

  • Don't perform the Kimura very fast on somebody who has no grappling experiance.