Thrusted Jujitsu Sidekick

Thrusted Jujitsu Sidekick

Learn how to do a thrusted jujitsu sidekick. The thrusted sidekick kick is a very popular kick used in jujitsu, karate and other martial arts styles, where you lift your leg in front of you and then thrust out the foot sideways. The opponent is hitten with the heel and the hips, the shoulders and the hitting foot form a bow. In Japanese, the thrusted side kick is called yoko geri kekomi. (yoko = side, geri = kick, kekomi = thrusteded) You can find more jujitsu instructions on jujitsu main.

Description: Thrusted Jujitsu Sidekick

  • Lift the kicking leg in front of you, so that the foot stands 90 degrees to the kicking direction and the knee is over hip hight. Twist on the ball of your other foot.
  • Thrust out the foot sideways and hit the opponent with the heel of your foot. Toes point down slightly. Now the foot, the hips and tha shoulders should form a bow when viewed from above or from the side. Keep your hands in a defensive position.
  • Then bring the foot back the same way (to where the knee was lifted in front of you)
  • Step down again (back to fighting stance).

Trainer advice: Thrusted Jujitsu Sidekick

  • Practice the thrusted sidekick in 3 phases.
    1st - lift leg in front of you
    2nd - thrust out foot
    3rd - bring back the leg to where the knee was lifted.
  • Another good method to practice the thrusted sidekick is to hold on a tree or something with your left hand and kick with the right leg.
  • Also try to hold the sidekick for a moment.

Videos: Thrusted Jujitsu Sidekick

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