Jujitsu X-Guard

Jujitsu X-Guard

The x-guard is a typical Jujitsu lock where you stay on you back and block your opponent with your legs and your hands. The jujitsu x-guard is also a good base to make your opponent fall, to protect from further attacks or just to win some time. It is called x-guard, because "x" / "cross" into your opponent.

Description: Jujitsu X-Guard

  • This description is for a x-guard, where your opponent stands with the left leg forward.
  • Make sure the left foot of your opponent is over and not under your shoulder.
  • Use your right hand to grab your opponents leg about one inch over his knee. When you do this, your right upper arm should be parallel to his left calf.
  • Your left hand stays free (to do something else)
  • Place your right knee under his left thigh and the ankle of your right foot on the left side of his hip.
  • Put your right instep behind his knee.
  • Press both legs towards your opponent and pull down with your right hand.

Trainer advice: Jujitsu X-Guard

  • Practice both sides of the X-Guard