Karate Belt Ranking System

Karate Belt Ranking System

At the beginning there ware only 3 different belt colors in karate. Most Karate organizations now use 9 or even more different belt colors. However, some karate associations like "Shotokan of America" still stick to the original system (see explanation & examples). In some karate schools you will even heave to earn your white belt.

Explanation and Examples: Karate Belt Ranking System

  • Original Belt Ranking System

  • White Belt - up to 4th Kyu
  • Brown Belt - up to 1st Kyu
  • Black Belt - 1st Dan and higher

  • Other common Belt Ranking systems

  • Red or ungraded White Belt
  • White Belt - 8kyu
  • Yellow Belt - 7th kyu
  • Orange Belts - 6th kyu
  • Green Belt - 5th kyu
  • Blue Belt - 4th kyu
  • Purple Belt - 3rd kyu
  • Brown Belt - 2nd kyu
  • Black Belts - 1 to 8th or 1st to 10 Dan
  • Red Belts - 9the and 10 Dan (in some organizations)
    In some schools the red belt comes before the white belt.