Kokutsu Tachi - Karate

Kokutsu Tachi - Karate

The kokutsu tachi, also called back stance, is a position where you have most of your weight on your bent back leg. The fornt leg is also bent a little bit and the knee points up slightly. Find more karate stances and techniques at karate main.

Description: Kokutsu Tachi - Karate

  • Keep your upper body upright and look sideways. The side to which you look is the side of the front leg. The frontleg has to be straighter (longer) than the back leg and its knee has to point up slightly. The toes of the front leg point to the same direction as the leg.
  • The back leg is bent much more and carries 70 percent of the weight. Its knee and its toes point away. (see kokutsu tachi illustration above)

Trainer advice: Kokutsu Tachi - Karate

  • When you walk forward, slide the back leg to your front leg without standing up and then slide forward. Like if you were skating.
  • Try to hold the kokutsu tachi for a few minutes.

Videos: Kokutsu Tachi - Karate

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