Karate Zenkutsu Tachi

Karate Zenkutsu Tachi

In this lesson you will learn how to do a karate bow stance (zenkutsu tachi). The zenkutsu tachi is a stance where you have most of your weight on your bent front leg and the back leg is extended. Find more karate techniques at karate main.

Description: Karate Zenkutsu Tachi

  • Grab your opponents belt, so that you are chest to chest.
  • Lower leg of the frontleg: vertical
    Thigh: 45° to horizontal.
  • The upper body is vertical.
  • The backleg has to be straightened.
    The size of the stance is 2 shoulder widths long and one shoulder width broad.

Trainer advice: Karate Zenkutsu Tachi

  • When you walk forward, slide the backleg to your frontleg without standing up and then slide forward. Kinda like if you were skating.
  • Try to hold the bow stance for a few minutes.

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