Receiving a Massage

Massage is becoming a part of our culture here in the U.S.! Massage does for your body what a tune-up does for a car’s engine. Regular massage will help your body run better, improve your sleep, and improve mental and physical function making you a machine running at optimal ability. For a first time client massage can be intimidating. So, a few key things can help you make the experience more peaceful. Remember, the massage is all about YOU ! The pressure you want, the music you want, if you want to talk you can if you don't you then don't. Most massage therapists are trained to not initiate conversation. I personally do not initiate conversation but if a client would like to start a conversation i will converse with them. Massage is all about you. Learn more about massage at the massage & relaxation main page.


  • Time after time I have heard people say that they laid on the table for an hour in pain. "I laid there cringing wishing the massage was over." Look, common sense would tell me to say something but for those who do not know they make think the therapist is in control. But you are paying for this service a massage should not be painful unless a trigger point or some type of clinical work is being done. So speak up say hey that's to much. If the therapist tells you different or repeatedly does not listen to you. PLEASE do not hesitate to tell them to stop you are done with the massage and then talk to their boss. Honestly, it's so hard as a therapist to hear people who did not enjoy one of the most peaceful experience on earth. Speak up about your requests.
  • Your therapist should give you a pre-interview questionnaire prior to the massage and also have a short conversation to determine what the reasons for your visit are. This is to figure out what type of work should be done. Clinical work is a bit more involving from you the client, the therapist may ask you questions during the massage to help relieve any issues you are having. However, relaxation work should not be involving for you as a client in anyway. If you have decided you want relaxation work prior to the massage and get into the massage and find there are some painful area's and want extra attention to those area's, just ask! Explain thoroughly your reason for the visit.
  • Your comfort comes first even when it comes to what you are wearing. I would personally recommend you be fully nude. Your therapist has been trained how to properly drape and all private area's will be covered at all times. But if being completely nude is uncomfortable for you, do not hesitate to leave articles of clothing on. If it makes you relax more than the massage will be better. Majority or clients are either full nude or leave underpants on. Just so you know you can receive a massage with all of your clothes on but it will not be a real massage with oil, it will be hard for any therapist to do a full hour like that, so if you are real shy and but want to try a massage and slowly work your way into it. Schedule a 30 minute full body and tell your therapist you are going to leave your clothes on. Undress to your comfort level.
  • Very often, as the body releases tension during a massage, the mind will experience or release emotions. If you suddenly feel sad, angry, or joyful, do not be alarmed. Allow yourself to express these feelings by crying, laughing, or speaking about them, Your therapist has been trained to the fact that this may happen and will not be alarmed or make you feel uneasy. We know that this is a normal occurrence. Let it out
  • Contrary to past notions in our society about massage, it is an ancient healing art and not a sexual service of any sort. Sexual behavior on the part of the client during the massage is inappropriate and will result in the immediate termination of the session, for which payment is still due. In almost every state a licensure, schooling, and professional insurance are required to practice as a massage therapist.
  • Enjoy the natural healing for what it is.


  • Speak up about your requests.
  • Explain thoroughly your reason for the visit.
  • Undress to your comfort level.
  • Enjoy the natural healing for what it is.
  • By Josh Rosheisen ( for Flash Mavi.


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