Earn Money Online

This is for those who asked me how to earn money online. A great part of the income people make online, comes from ads on their websites. Some people also earn money selling email addresses, filling out surveys or answering emails. In this article I will only talk about the money you can make from ads.

General information:

  • Basically there are 3 types of advertising
    1. CPC - Cost per Click (Get paid when somebody clicks on a ad on your Homepage)
    2. CPM - Cost per Thousand (Get paid every time an ad is shown 1000 times)
    3. CPA - Cost per Action (Get a commission when somebody buys through one of your links)

Cost per Click Ads:

  • Everybody can sign up for CPC Ads. The most popular CPC agency is Google Adsense. The only real requirement is that your website works properly and you don't privide illegal or adult content. It doesn't matter how many daily visitors you have. You just copy the ad-code on your site and every time somebody visits the site, google reads your content and selects the right add for your content. For example when you are writing about cell phones, an advertisement for cell phones will appear. Every time somebody clicks on the ad, you earn money. Depending on the topic you will earn between 5 cents and 1 USD per click. Topics like books and smilies are usually cheaper the topics like jewelry and mortgage. Don't even try to click on your ads yourself, because google will find out and kick you out of the program. The opposite of google adsense is google adwords. That's where you can publish your own ads.

Cost per 1000 Impression Ads:

  • If you sign up as a CPM publisher, you will earn money, no matter if somebody clicks on the ad or if somebody buys something. To get accepted by CPM agencies, you will need a certain amount of daily visitors, which is between 200 and 1000 per day. The most popular and most recommend CPM agency is called fastclick (recently converted to valueclick - www.valueclickmedia.com) When you try to sign up with a CMP agency, make sure your webesite is not only a forum and you have a privacy policy.

Cost per Action Ads:

  • CPA agencies only pay you when somebody clicks on an ad and then buys something. This doesn't happen that often, but the commissions you get when somebody buys, are much higher than the cost of a simple click. That's why you should have many visitors if you plan to sign up with a company like Commission Junction.

Links and Agencies:

  • AdSense (Earn money every time somebody clicks on an ad - Mixes in a few CPM Ads)
  • AdWords (Advertise your own website - Pay for every visit or every 1000 ad impressions)
  • Valueclickmedia.com (Fastclick = Valueclick - Only CPM Ads)
  • Comission Junction (Most popular CMA agency)