Muay Thai Punches

Muay Thai Punches

Because both hands are held pretty far in front of the face, in Muay Thai, punches are not as strong as in sanda or classic boxing. Keep in mind that muay thay emphasizes on rounhouse kicks, knee and elbow techniques. When muay thay fighters try to apply a heavy punch, you can often see them stike out very far, which makes it much easier fo the opponent to defense. The illustration above shows a punch with the backhand. (heavy punch) For more muay thai instructions visit muay thai main.

Description: Muay Thai Punches

  • Extend one arm and lift the shoulder slightly so that a coming hook from your opponent couldn't hit your chin.
  • Put more weight on the frontleg than on the backleg, but don't lean forward too far so that you lose balance or can't go back in case of a counter attack.
  • Twist your hips to put more power into the punch.
  • Keep your chin close to the chest.

Trainer advice: Muay Thai Punches

  • To learn better punching technique, take additional boxing lessons.
  • Advice for a good impact: When your fist touches your opponent, one foot should be missing until your arm is fully extended.

Videos: Muay Thai Punches

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