Jumping Muay Thai Knee Kick

Jumping Muay Thai Knee Kick

This MT tutorial will show you how to do a jumping kneekick. In thai the jumping kneekick is called kao loy. "Kao" stand for knee and "Loy" for the jump. You should learn the straight muay thai knee strike before you learn the jumping knee strike. To learn other muay thai moves, go back to muay thai main and choose a lesson.

Description: Jumping Muay Thai Knee Kick

  • This jumping kneekick tutorial is for a kneekick with the right leg. Of course you can also do it the other way around. Jump from your left leg and lift the right knee. (keep your hips back)
  • In mid-air your push forward the knee and the hip together. It is very important that you also use your hip to create a better impact.
  • Pull back your hip and land on the left leg.

Trainer advice: Jumping Muay Thai Knee Kick

  • Learn the standing, straight knee kick first.
  • Kneekicks usually shorten the distance to your opponent, that's why you always have to be prepared for throwing techniques afterwards.