Kidney Knee Kick - Muay Thai

Kidney Knee Kick - Muay Thai

This "Dtai Kao" tutorial will help you to learn the kidney knee kick. In thai the kidney knee kick is called dtai kao. "Dtai" stand for Kidney and "Kao" for Knee. The instructional animations and videos explain how this techniqe works. If you are interested in learning other Thaiboxing techniques, goto muay thai main and choose an instruction.

Description: Kidney Knee Kick - Muay Thai

  • Step forward with your left leg and lift your right knee.
    The lower foot always has to point down or back. Lift the knee sideways.
  • Kick forward with the knee and extend your hip at the same time.
    "Lean into your opponents waist" see illustration above)
  • Pull back the leg with your hips and put the kicking leg back onto the floor.

Trainer advice: Kidney Knee Kick - Muay Thai

  • The Dtai Kao is technically similar to the roundhouse kick.
  • Kneekicks usually shorten the distance to your opponent, that's why you always have to be prepared for throwing techniques afterwards.