Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick

Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick

Sanda and the Muaythai Roundhouse-Kicks (dtae wiang) are almost the same. The only difference is that in Muaythai you hit with the shin and in Sanda with the ankle (or a few cm above) In MT (Muay Thai) this is one of the most popular and strongest kicks, that's why muay thai fighters spend a lot of time hardening their shins. Most MT fights start with Roundhouse Kicks, while most sanda-fights start with Sidekicks.

Description: Muay Thai Roundhousekick

  • Lift the knee and let the foot follow.
  • Stading leg: Twist on the ball of your foot, until the toes point away from your opponent.
  • Kick: Extend hip and hit opponent with straightened instep od shin.
  • Pull the foot back in a straight line, so that your opponent can't grab your leg.

Trainer advice: Muay Thai Roundhousekick

  • Timing, timing, timing
  • Roundhouse-kicks over the hips arent very heavy and easy to catch.
  • The back foot is stronger, but the front foot is faster.