Flash Mavi Meal Builder - Metric

Calculate how much protein, carbohydrates and fat you need. This calory calculator was one of the first things I put online when I started the nutrition section . Simply fill the red fields and press "Calculate". The black fields are output fields, so you don't need to fill them. Find more nutrition related topics at nutrition main.

Nutrition Calculator:

Current Weight: kg   Energy Maintain: kCal
Age: Years        
Work: kCal      
Activities: kCal   Energy Goal: kCal  
      Difference: kCal  
Goal Weight: kg     %  
Protein %: % day
Fat %: % day
Carbs %: % day
Protein g: g day
Fat g: g day
Carbs g: g day
Protein kCal: kCal day
Fat kCal: kCal day
Carbs kCal: kCal day
UFA's: g / day

Food Calculator:

  kCal Protein Carbs g Fat g More - a More - b
Food #1
Food #2
Food #3
Food #4
Food #5
Food #6
Food #7
Food #8
Food #9
Food #10

Manual de Usuario: Como utilizar el Calculador

  • Current Weight - Your actual weight.
  • Age - Your age.
  • Work - The energy you spend at work (estimate).
  • Activities - The energy you spend in your spare time (estimate).
  • Goal Weight - The weight you want to achieve. (you can also leave this blank) Your goal should not be more than 20 percent from your current weight. If you are at 100 kg and want to weight 50 kg, your goal should be 80 or 85. Once you make progress, you can enter a goal closer to your actual goal. If you lose or gain weight too fast, you will just burn muscle or even gain fat. Take it easy and understand that this will take time.
  • Protein % - Percentage of protein you want to consume.
  • Fat % - Percentage of fat you want to consume.
  • Foods - Calculate the nutritional values of your foods and compare them to your goals.

  • Protein %, kCal, g - Proteins per day in percentage, calories and grams.
  • Fat %, kCal, g - Fat per day in percentage, calories and grams.
  • Carbs %, kCal, g - Carbohydrates per day in percentage, calories and grams.
  • UFA's - Amount of required UFA's per day
  • Energy Maintain - The kCal you have to eat in order to hold your weight
  • Energy Goal - The kCal you have to consume to reach your goal.
  • Difference kCal, % - Difference between "Goal" and "Maintain". in kCal and %.
  • Sum - Sums up your food info.
  • Result % - Difference between what you did and what you should eat. In %.