Vanadium and Sports Nutrition

Vanadium is not an electrolyte but recently has received some attention in the bodybuilding and sports nutrition. What makes Vanadium interesting is one of its salt forms (vanadyl sulfate or vanadium salt). Experiments have shown a glycogen storing effect and some bodybuilders say that they feel harder after taking vanadyl sulfate. The problem is that this a relatively new supplement and we don't really know much about vanadyl sulfate's effects on athletic performance or the long term side effects of vanadium salt. Find more sports nutrition related topics at nutrition main.


  • Vanadyl sulfate is currently being tested as anti-diabetic agents in clinical trials.
  • Some bodybuilders use vanadyl sulfate as a supplement, but it's effectiveness is not yet proven.
  • No clear role of vanadium has been established in humans yet. For sea creatures vanadium is actually what's iron is for us and on diabetic rats it has been tested positively. Hence the tests on diabetic humans.

Foods: Vanadium and Sports Nutrition

  • Supplements
  • Sea fruit

Advice: Vanadium and Sports Nutrition

  • If you want to try vanadium salt, buy it as a supplement in a sports nutrition store.
  • Vanadium is generally more toxic when inhaled than when taken orally.
  • Vanadium can be toxic if taken in synthetic form. It can cause kidney failure, nerve damage, blood vessel damage, liver damage, stunted growth, diarrhea and loss of appetite
  • A daily intake of 10 to 100 mcg is probably safe and adequate. A RDA for vanadium is not known.