Protein Bars

Protein bars are basically like compact protein powder but wrapped up in a delicious bar. So why eat a high fat and sugar chocolate bar if you can get the same flavor with 30 grams of protein. Since you don't need a cup and milk, protein bars are much easier to carry around which makes them the perfect meal replacement. Find more sports nutrition related topics at nutrition main, or click here to learn more about sports supplements.

Description: Protein Bars

  • Most people only use protein bars as meal replacements and therefore choose any bar with 20 to 30 grams of protein. But if you just don't like protein shakes at all and want to use protein bars to as a protein supplement, you should find the right bar for your use.
    • If you want to lose fat, you should buy high protein, low calory protein bars so that you get enough protein in order to keep your lean muscle mass but not too many calories so that you put on weight.
    • If you want to gain weight, you should get something high in calories and high in protein. But make sure it is low in fat and sugar because you don't want to pay for low quality carbs.
    • And if you just want a meal replacement find something in-between. But as I said before, any protein bar is better than a candy bar. So if you just buy one bar here and there, don't be too strict with yourself and go for taste. Just make sure it has at least 20 grams of protein.
  • Protein bar protein types are the same as for protein powder
    • Whey Protein
      Highest quality and best form of protein.
    • Egg Protein
      Like eggs, but without the cholesterol and of course without the risk of salmonella.
    • Soy Protein
      The veggie solution. Works, but not as effective as whey or egg protein.
    • Mixtures and other types. The above 3 are the most popular.

Advice: Protein Bars

  • Protein bars should not be your only source of protein. Eat real high protein meals as often as you can. Personally I like bringing protein bars into the cinema and eat them instead of candy bars and popcorn.
  • While the recommended dose of protein for athletes is around 1g per pound of bodyweight per day, too much protein (over 2g per pound) can lead to kidney damage.