Sweets & Sugars

Sweets are pure sugar, which means they are carbohydrates in their purest form with the worst GI (glycemic index). If you are a disciplined sportsman but not diabetic, you should let your fingers from sweets.

Description: Sweets & Sugars

  • As bad as sweets are for athletes, there are still a few tricks to push your performance a bit with sugar. Because sweets are carbohydrates with a very high GI, its enery is absorbed much faster than anything else. So... If you are on a long run and dont have any more reserves left, so that you can hardly keep yourself upright and become dizzy, sugar can push you up again.

The good ones:

  • Textrose mixed with minerals
  • Gelatine sweets. (Gelatine is good for the joints)
  • Protein sweets.
  • Vitamin sweets.