Cat Jump - Parkour

Cat Jump - Parkour

The cat jump is a ver basic parkour running technique, where you dive onto an obstacle, place your hands, and follow through with tucked legs. Then you push off with the hands to bring the body back into a vertical position. The legs never touch the obstacle when you perform a cat jump. Find more parkour and free running instructions here.

Description: Cat Jump - Parkour

  • Run towards the obstacle and jump off. It doesn't matter from which leg. (From one leg is better than from both legs, because it is faster)
  • Place your hands on the obstacle (Fingers point forward)
  • If you didn't jump off from both legs together, bring your legs together during the first half of the cat jump.
  • Straighten your arms, push down your shoulders, bend your knees, move your heels towards your butt and use your abs to make enough space, so that your legs can pass.
  • Let go (let hands leave the obstacle) and kick out your feet.
  • Use your arms and legs to land as stable and veritcal as possible.

  • It is not necessary to kick out the feet in the second half of the cat jump.

Trainer advice: Cat Jump - Parkour

  • Warm up wrists and yhoulders before you do cat jumps.
  • Before you try the cat jump like shown here, just dive onto an obstacle, place your hands and then your legs. (Stand up on the obstacle and don't follow through with tucked legs. - Exercise to get uses to the first half of the technique) This will prevent mistakes like going too fast and hitting the obstacle with your feet (Aka Falling over and breaking your neck)
  • Train your abs, forearms and shoulders.