Cat Leap - Parkour

Cat Leap - Parkour

Cat Leap - also called arm jump and in french: saut de bras. The cat leap is a very common parkour and free running technique, to overcome a wide gap. When you do a cat leap, you land on the side of an obstacle in a hanging crouching position and have your hands gripping the top edge. This position is good to do a climb-up or a drop. Find more parkour and free running tricks at parkour main.

Description: Cat Leap - Parkour

  • Jump off from one leg or from both legs together. It doesn't matter from which leg you jump into the cat leap. (Note: jumping from one leg is faster and more fluent)
  • Swing your arms forward up, so that it is easy to grab the edge of the wall from above.
  • Hit the wall with the balls of your feet first or with all four at the same time. If you hit the wall with your legs first, only let pass a millisecond until your hands grab, and let the balls of your feet slide down to dampen the impact.
  • Be careful with your knees, elbows, fingers and shoulders.
  • Common parkour running techniques after the cat leap are: climb-ups and drops.

Trainer advice: Cat Leap - Parkour

  • Use knee and elbow pads when you first try the cat leap.
  • Before you try going over a gap, just towards a low wall to practice the end position, where you hand on your arms and have the balls of your feet on the wall.
  • I want to remind you again, that this is a dangerous technique and you should not try it without the supervision of somebody who has already mastered the cat leap.

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