Learn the Wall Spin - Parkour

Learn the Wallspin - Parkour

The Wallspin as a cool acrobatic free running technique and can by done by any indermediate to advanced parkour or free runner. Before you try the wallspin, you should be able to a front flip. You should not be afraid to jump down more the 2 meters and also be in great condition. The dangerous thing about this technique is, that you have your legs overhead for a moment. You should be able to do the front flip, becasue I dont want you to lose controll when you are upside down. (coordination is very important) Furthermore you can injure you elbows if you don't pull your hand from the wall at the right time and if you fall down before you spin around your legs, you can injure yourself even worse. I suggest you find somebody who can already do the wallspin, use a wall that is not vertical at the beginning and use mats too. Find more parkour and free running tricks at parkour main.

Description: Wallspin - Parkour

  • Run towards the wall with soft steps. Don't run too fast
  • For a counter clockwist wallspin, jump towards the wall from your right leg and swing up your arms.
  • The first thing to touch the wall for a ccw wallspin, is your left leg.
  • The place your right hand or both hands at the same time on the wall. It is very important that your fingers point down slightly. (ccw - downwards)
  • Bring your legs overhead without letting your feet touch the wall. You can only do this, if you keep your knees away from the wall. Bend your legs so that you have space for your feet. Also keep your hips away from the wall. Be careful that you don't lose controll or flip over. That's why you should not use a vertical wall at the beginning.
  • Right hand leaves the wall and then let your left hand go. (push away from the wall and become upright) See wallspin illustration or videos.
  • Land as soft as you can.

Trainer advice: Wallspin - Parkour

  • Warm up.
  • Don't try the wallspin on a vertical wall right away.
  • Use mats.
  • Find an experianced training partner to assist you with the wallspin.