How to Harden your Shins

Learn how to harden your shins

This exercise can be applied by qigong and muay thai practicioners. The rolling and knocking exercise increases the density of the bone and kills nerves. Basically it's the opposite of osteoporosis. (read more about osteoporosis) In Qigong, this exercise is used to harden the shin bones for externel qigong demonstrations. In muay thai this exercise is "sometimes" used to get more powerful roundhouse kicks. Find more qi gong lessons at qi gong main.

Description: Harden your Shins

  • Rolling exercise:
    Take a bottle in both hands and roll it slowly up and down the shin bone. Keep in mind that you have to roll the bottle slightly on the inside of the shin. There is a muscle (tibialis) on the outside.
  • Knocking exercise:
    Knock the bottle to the shinbone, but not very hard. The knocking should not hurt or leave bruises. Don't knock harder than you would knock a door and please... don't break the bottle on the shin.

Trainer advice: Harden your Shins

  • Roll 40 times, knock 20 times. Breath the same speed you roll (knocks are fast and light) Repeat about 5 times - 4 times per week.
  • Similar exercises can be applied on the bottom of the forearm.

Videos: Harden your Shins

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