Speed Step - Alternate Foot Jump

Speed Step - Alternate Foot Jump

In this lesson you will learn how to do speed steps - Also known as alternate foot jumps or jogging steps. That's a rope skipping technique where you switch legs after every jump, like if you were running on the spot. Before you try this you should learn the basic jump. Find more rope skipping techniques at rope skipping main.

Description: Speed Step - Alternate Foot Jump

  • Swing your rope forward down and jump from one leg. Keep your upper body upright and look straight forward. The hands remain close to the hips.
  • Switch legs and land on the other leg. Depending on the speed of your jumps, you can keep your heels off the ground or let them touch the floor after the balls of your feet. However, the heels must not touch the floor first.
  • There are 2 variations of the speed step.
    • Fast Speed Steps:
      Swing the rope very fast and keep the number of skips per minute as high as possible. That's where the name "Speed Step" comes from This can be done upright or slightly crouched with the knees bent a little.
    • Bouncy Speed Steps:
      You swing your rope pretty slow and bounce up quite high. Also referred to "Alternate Foot Jumps"
  • Jump over the rope again, switch legs and land on the other foot.

Trainer advice: Speed Step - Alternate Foot Jump

  • If you are doing bouncy alternate foot jumps, from time to time you can do a couple of jumps on the same leg.
  • Stretch and relax your feet and your calves between sets and exercises.
  • Stop if your knee, your ankle, your hip or the sole of your foot hurts.
  • Jump in a warm environment.

Videos: Speed Step - Alternate Foot Jump

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