Biantui Zhuanti - Sanda Roundhousekick Twist

Roundhouse Kick Twist - Sanda

The biantui zhuanti is a roundhouse kick with a full twist, which enhances the power of the roundhouse kick, or makes you able to go back to your combat stance fast, if you missed your opponent. But this is more like a show kick, because it's hard to apply in a real fight and you should never turn your back to your opponent. Before you try this you should learn the normal sanda biantui.

Description: Roundhouse Kick Twist - Sanda

  • Learn the normal biantui - roundhouse kick before you try this.
  • After the kick, bring the knee of your kicking leg and your elbows a bit closer to the axis of rotation. This will help you turn around faster.
  • Twist on the ball of your foot and go back to your combat stance as fast as you can.

Trainer advice: Roundhouse Kick Twist - Sanda

  • Watch your opponent as long as possible. When you turn around, you can't see him for a moment, which makes it easier for him to attack you.

Videos: Roundhouse Kick Twist - Sanda

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