Sanda Side Kick

Sanda Side Kick

The side kick is a technique seen in a variety of martial arts styles, such as karate, taekwondo, kickboxing and sanda. In Chinese Mandarin this kick is called "Ce Shuai Tui" or simply "Ce Shuai". You basically stand on one leg, turn to the side and thrust the other leg out sideways. For more sanda instructions go bach to sanda main.

Description: Sanda Side Kick

  • Stand on one leg and lift the knee of the other leg.
  • Push out the foot, so that your foot is horizontal and hit your opponent with the heel.
  • At the same time you lean back slightly and twist the toes of your standing foot away from your opponent.
  • After the kick go back to the position where you have your knee lifted and then put the kicking foot back onto the floor. This is to avoid that your opponent can grab you.

Trainer advice: Sanda Side Kick

  • Hold on something, lift the knee, kick and go back to the knee-lift position. Repeat this 10 times counting 1,2,3 Don't forget to look forward all the time and to extend the hip; (BOW FORM) The heel hits your opponent, and the toes point down a bit.
  • A small hop can make the kick much stronger.

Videos: Sanda Side Kick

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