Sanda Knee Kick

Sanda Knee Kick

"Ti" means kick and "xi" stands for knee. Knee kicks were allowed in some sanda competitions in 2002 and 2003. However, now it's forbidden again, but if you are still interested, here is a short description. Originally the knee kick is a muay thai technique. For more sanda instruction goto sanda main or check the sanda video channel.

Description: Sanda Knee Kick

  • Lift knee in front of your hip and keep your hands up
  • Push the knee forward and accelerate by pushing the hips forward shortlz before zou hit your opponent.
  • Put the foot back down and keep your fists in front of your upper body.

Trainer advice: Sanda Knee Kick

  • Tixi brings your closer to your opponent or is applied when you are already close. Muay thai fighter prefer knee and elbow techniques in close combat, while sanda fighters prefer throws (also becasue tixi is not allowed in most sanda competitions).
  • The knee strike can be performed in a hop, standing or grabbing the Opponent.