Big Air - Straight Jump

The big air is probably the most impressive snowboarding event. In this event you ride straight towards a giant jump, jump off as high as posible and do as many & difficult tricks as you can. Judges give points for height, difficulty of the tricks, style and landing. The big air is the most dangerous snowboarding event. That's why the price money is higher than in any other event. Find more snowboarding info at snowboarding main.

Description: Big Air - Snowboarding

  • The big air is jumped with a freestyle board.
  • Here is short video from YT.

Trainer advice: Big Air - Snowboarding

  • Professional Snowboarders often use a bigairbag to learn new tricks.
    This makes trying new jumps a whole lot easier and safer.
    But unfortunately those bags cost a few thousand USD.

Videos: Big Air - Snowboarding

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