Turning Back Kick - Tae Kwon Do

Turning Back Kick - Tae Kwon Do

In this lesson you will learn how to execute a turning back kick. The back kick is usually applied with a turn at the beginning. In the trainer advice (below) you can find an exercise how to do a back kick without turn. It's said that the turning back kick and the turning side kick are the most powerful tae kwon do kicks. The main difference between those two kicks is, that when you perform a turning side kick, you turn a bit further with the lifted knee, before you thrust your the foot. See side kick tutorial. Find other taekwondo kicks at taekwondo main.

Description: Turning Back Kick - Tae Kwon Do

  • Watch your opponent and twist clockwise on both balls of your feet, so that your toes point backwards. After the turn the left leg carries most of the weight and is bent slightly. Don't turn your head yet. Keep watching you opponent from over your left shoulder.
  • Lift your right foot (kicking leg) next to your left knee and twist your head fast, so that you can see your opponent from over your right shoulder. When you execute a back kick, the kicking leg has to be moved in one line and not in a circle. So your right heel should be really close to your left knee. And the head has to be turned fast, because every moment where you can't see your opponent is a chance form him to attack you. Watch your opponent as long as possible before you lift your kicking leg and as early as possible when you lift the kicking leg.
  • Thrust out your right foot and hit your opponent with the heel first. Toes point down slightly. Both knees extended. Keep watching your opponent. When watched from the view of you opponent, your kicking foot and the shoulders should be further left than the hips.
  • Pull back your right foot before you opponent can grab your leg. The foot has to be moved back in a straight line towards the left knee / thigh. Not in a circle !!! From this position you can perform other kicks or step back down to your fighting stance.
  • Step back down to a left or a right fighting stance. In Tea Kwon Do the side of the stance is often switched. People who step down to a left fighting stance, often make the mistake to just let the leg fall. This makes it easier for your opponent to counter attack you. Make sure you pull your foot back first !!!

Trainer advice: Turning Back Kick - Tae Kwon Do

  • When you first learn the back kick count 1.. 2... 3... 4... 5... => the steps taught above. Hold each position for a few seconds.
  • Exercise: Hold with both hands on a chair, lift the right knee to hip height and the foot next to the left knee and look over your right shoulder. Then thrust out the right foot backwards. Perform 8 to 12 kicks in a row and then try the other side. Later combine this with the "initial turn" like illustrated above.
  • At the beginning it's ok if you only kick to hip height. The most powerful height of the back kick usually is slightly over hip height.