Taekwondo Fighting Stance

Taekwondo Fighting Stance

In this lesson you will learn how to execute a tae kwon do fighting stance. From this stance you can eiter block with hands or legs and execute tae kwon do kicks. Find more tae kwon do tutorials at tae kwon do main.

Description: Taekwondo Fighting Stance

  • Look straight forward and bend your head slightly down to protect your chin.
  • Keep your back hand close to the chin, to protect the head.
  • Position the lead arm a bit lower than the back arm. If you like to block kicks to hip height with the hand, you can lower the lead arm a bit more. Let your elbows hang comfortable and keep your fists relaxed.
  • Turn your hips sideways to give your opponent a smaller target. Bend you knees slightly and stand with your feet a bit more than one shoulder width apart. The hopping around you can often see in TKD fights is not part of the fighting stance... This is just to keep the leg muscles warm.
  • Keep the weight on the balls of your feet. Heels elevated slightly.

Trainer advice: Taekwondo Fighting Stance

  • Practice the fighting stance in front of a mirror.
  • Don't lean back or farward too much.
  • Don't hop around too much. Move your legs to keep your leg muscles warm enough for kicks.
  • If you like to block low kicks with the hand, you can lower the lead arm a bit more than illustrated here.

Videos: Taekwondo Fighting Stance

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