Taiji Bow Stance

Taiji Bow Stance - Gong Bu

The taiji bow stance is one of the most basic taiji stances. Bow stance in Chinese (mandarin) is "gong bu". GONG stands for "bow" and BU means "stance" or "step" Find more taiji instructions at taiji main. Do the taiji bow stance as follows.

Description: Taiji Bow Stance

  • Stand with your feet about one shoulder with apart and step forward 2 shoulder widths with one leg. The front foot points staight forward and the back foot is twisted away 45 degrees.
  • The back leg is pretty straight but not totally extended. The lower leg of the frontleg is vertical and the thigh of the frontleg is about 45°
  • Keep your upper body pretty vertical and your shoulders have to be low and slighty pulled back. Don't crouch your chest forward. Don't cramp or over stretch your upper body. The posture should be comfortable.
  • Look straight forward.
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  • Breath slowly and concentrated.

Trainer advice: Taiji Bow Stance

  • When you practice your stances, put your hands behind the back, so that your back hands touch your lower back
  • Try to hold the bow stance for 3 or 5 minutes. Then practice another stance.

Videos: Taiji Bow Stance

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