Taiji - Bow Stance to Bow Stance

Taiji - Sliding from Bow Stance to Bow Stance

Stepping Forward from Bow Stance to Bow Stance. In this taiji lesson you will learn how to step forward from bow stance to bow stance. Here you will only learn the leg technique. There are several different arm motions to accompany your bow steps. At the beginning you should keep your hands relaxed on your lower back, so that you can fully concentrate on the walking technique. Find more taiji tutorials at taiji main.

Description: Taiji - Bow Stance to Bow Stance

  • Start in a left lead bow stance and put your hands relaxed on your lower back. For more info on how to do a taiji bow stance, visit the bow stance lesson. This is only a bow step exercise. (bow steps without arm movements) Always keep your head at the same height. (like if you were walking forward in a very low room) Don't stand up in the middle.
    Keep your view horizontal and your upper body vertical. The movement must be as smooth as possible and very very slow. (no apprupt movements) You can also start with your feet at shoulder width and step forward with your right foot at the beginning.
  • Move back so that all your weight rests on the back leg and extend the front leg. Keep your upper body vertical and lift the toes of your front foot, you that only the heel touches the floor. The heels touch the floor but don't carry any of the weight. The head stays at the same height as you move back. Don't stand up.
  • Then turn your front foot 45° away from the walking direction. (but not too much) At the same time the upper body can be twisted too. (but not too much) The upper body, the head and the eyes move as on unit. Don't keep looking stright forward when you turn your upper body and your head. The view turns with the head and the upper body. Don't forget that the heel touches the floor but must not carry any of the weight.
  • Move forward so that you stand on the left leg. Put the balls of the front foot back down and lift the back leg. Pull the back leg forward without lifting the foot too much from the floor. The head has to stay at the same height and the upper body has to stay vertical while you move forward. Inhale until the back leg is next to the front leg. (appr 2 to 3 seconds)
  • Extend the right leg in front of you and put the heel down. All the weight still rests on the left leg. The toes of the right foot point 45° up.
  • Move forward into a right lead bow stance. Put down the toes of your right leg and extend the left knee. For more info on how to execute a bow stance in taiji, visit the bow stance tutorial. Twist your upper body and your head back to its original position as you step forward. Exhale slowly and keep your trunk vertical.
  • Stop for a short moment (approx. 1 second) and then step forward with the left leg.

Trainer advice: Taiji - Bow Stance to Bow Stance

  • Move slowly and concentrated. No apprupt movements. Also concentrate on your breathing.
  • Don't move your eyes. The eyes move with the head and the head with the upper body.

Videos: Taiji - Bow Stance to Bow Stance

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