High Jump

The high jump is an olymic track and field event, where an athlete has to jump over a horizontal bar without throwing it down. Over the years different high jump techniques were developed. Since 1993 the high jump world record is held by Javier Sotomayor at 2 meters and 45 cm (Cuba).

Description: High Jump

  • Todays High Jumpers use a technique called Fosbury Flop, Before that high jump athletes used the straddle jump. In 1968 Dick Fosbury went to the olympic games and used his own technique for the high jump event. He won gold and that's why now everybody uses his technique. The fosbury flop is when you turn backwards after you jump off and go over the bar in a bridge-position. You land on the mats with your back.
  • Sprint towards the bar diagonally and curve in the last 3 steps.
  • Jump from your stronger leg and leap head first.
  • The principle of this high jump technique is that you keep as much body mass as possible under bar-level (see videos / pictures).

Trainer advice: High Jump

  • If you want to increase your highjump technique or your vertical leap, I recommend you work out with a track and field instructor.
  • Cycling and long runs can be destructive for your vertical leap.

Videos: High Jump

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